Our Family blog

We will post videos of various things about our family and business, enjoy!

Blog made by Snow from My Samui real Estate

Our Family Blog

We will post videos of various things about our family and business, enjoy!

Originally from Quebec, we made the decision as a family to come and settle on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand. Dreaming of warm weather and beaches, we prepared for this new start. We calculated the pros and cons of each of the destinations we had pre-selected. Following a process of elimination, Thailand was our favorite for several points: For its incredible lifestyle, its culture, safety like no other, good weather and magnificent beaches. Following that, we made several trips to Thailand. Living on an island was really something that made us dream. We visited the islands of Thailand and finally our choice fell on Koh Samui.

Why you would ask me?
For several points.
Koh Samui has the advantage to be a developed island with facilities such as hospitals, international schools, international airport, cinemas, several supermarkets, very good Western and Thai restaurants.
The many beaches are beautiful and all different. We move from white sand beaches to natural rocky one, each with a varied horizon on the neighboring islands, as well as a water depth that varies from beach to beach.

The south of the island has less of a city like feel which makes it more authentic and very peaceful. The north is more developed and includes a very active nightlife with several bars and nightclubs.

Koh Samui is the perfect island for anyone looking for the convenience of the city while living on a beautiful island.
It was difficult to leave our loved ones and our reassuring routine, but believe us, it was the best decision of our life.

This adventure is just the beginning.

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