How to buy a property on Koh Samui


First of all, you have to ask yourself what you are looking for.
They are many types of properties, let me give you a few examples:


  • Real Estate Property for Pure Investment (PI) 

    A property for pure investment is one that you will not live in, its only aim is to bring you profit. Must be located in the tourist hot spots (Chaweng, Lamai, Bophut), proximity from the beach is the best choice.

    Its return is in direct relation with the effort you will put up with self-service like Airbnb, and Agoda, etc.

    You could also opt for firm property management companies who can take all that extra work off your hand for a commission of 10%. It is the same amount of commission as some self-service but with all same extra benefit has had a private broker looking at your trade almost 24/7. Making sure your property is rented as much as possible to bring you an optimal return.  

    Take note that at My Samui Real Estate, we have a marketing plan for most of our Pure Investment properties. Details on ROI, Fees and other income.
    Feel free to contact us if you would like to have more detail.


  • Real Estate Property for Hybrid Use

    The name gives it away, it is a property that you use for profit and stay, if ever you do aim for optimal profit, we recommend scheduling your stay during the monsoon season on Samui (October and November) or during the low season regarding tourism begin April and June.

    It is a good compromise for people who like to come on Koh Samui to spend their vacation.
    Most Real Estate Company can pinpoint those particular asset, the property must have a good balance between being close to tourism attraction while being reasonably quiet for longer stays. Also, a practical house layout for tourists but at the same time enjoyable for longer stays.
    You have to remember that many investors choosing a Hybrid property firstly rent their house with the aim of making it their retirement home.

    It is important to consider a house that meet these prerequisites:
    – Proper House layout for both tourists and longer stay
    Proximity to Tourist Hot spots and Beaches
    Reasonably quiet for longer stay
    Some specific locations for hybrid properties are recommended, you can contact our expect at My Samui Real Estate for more details.


  • Real Estate Property for Family and Couple

    Those are inquiries that usually comes from people who would like to become locals on Koh Samui. Which means that the right property is usually the one not too far from the school, work and main supermarkets.

    You will have seen that Koh Samui has different communities and attractions around its main cities with its pros and cons. It will be almost impossible to find a 100% pros and 0% cons.
    Our expert can help target the property that is the closest to 100%.

    Regarding to choice, this is the easiest property to find of all of the other choices. There are many houses at very affordable prices around the island, Maenam, Chaweng Noi, Bophut, Lamai being the best choice if you have kids.

    Here is a list of a few schools:

    International School of Koh Samui (Bophut,
    – Panyadee The British International School of Samui (Chaweng Noi,
    Oonrak International School (Maenam,
    Lamai International School (Lamai,
    Take note that a new has School opened in Namuang (South of the Island)
    Namuang Greenacre International School (Namuang,

    There is much more than just school or supermarkets to take in consideration before purchasing a property, let us be your guide during this process.
    We have the experience to make things easy.


  • Real Estate Property for Retirement

    For those of you who are looking to retire after a long life of hard work. This is where it gets interesting, properties for retirement have a completely different spectrum. First let’s talk about the area, most of the retirement home we sold is located in the South of the Island.
    It is the most authentic part of the island far are from all the traffic and noise. The Sea view is also different because the south exposes many beautiful islands (Koh Tan and Koh Matsum). We also recommend visiting them on your next trip, they are beautiful island.

    *On a side note, Koh Tan has a hotel and restaurant,
    It is a great hotel to disconnect and feel like you are alone in the world.* Trip Advisor Link

    Many properties suffer from an awkward layout with too many stairs or very steep access roads. The costumer’s favorite layout is the bungalow type or as the French call it ”a plain-pied” which is a one-level house with barely any stairs. One of the benefits of this layout is the possibility to get the widest angle of Sea view from anywhere in the house.


We have a collection of properties ready for you to come visit once you are ready. Making a preselection is part of our job to make things fast, accurate and the most important one but not the least, simple.

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